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Nile Safari Lodge, Murchison Falls National Park

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Your ideal romantic honeymoon location in serene, nature at it's best-Uganda.

Nestled peacefully amongst the rich papyrus forest on the southern banks of the River Nile, the Lodge offers some of the most luxurious accommodation in Uganda’s largest national park, declared in 2005, the seventh wildest place in Africa (Getaway Magazine).

Nile Safari Lodge has a choice of wooden chalets and luxury tents cleverly positioned to maximize stunning views and to give a true feeling of wild Africa.

From your own private balcony suspended over the mighty River Nile a massive expanse unfolds. Hundreds of weaver nests occupy overhanging trees, while the silent ripple of water whispers untold secrets. Giant Nile crocodiles bask on sand banks, hippos snort with contentment from their watery home, whilst elephant herds wade through the papyrus islands in search of food – and all this from deck of your own room.

What puts Nile Safari Lodge in a class of its own is its uniqueness in bringing you closer to nature without destroying the environment and the symbiosis with its natural inhabitants. There is no air-conditioning or artificially-created temperatures, you simply experience this ultimate bush adventure in its most natural state.


The Boat Launch Trip to the bottom of Murchison Falls: A Drive to Top of Murchison Falls: Game drives Walking trails Sport Fishing Village Walks African bush dining.

The Boat Launch Trip to the bottom of Murchison Falls:

A boat trip to the bottom of Murchison Falls is a must activity when visiting the national park. It is a leisurely three-hour adventure to see hippos, crocodiles, elephants, a variety of antelopes, as well as the rich bird-life inhabiting the river’s papyrus-lined banks. Set aside half a day for this experience, and remember to bring your bird book, binoculars and cameras. The spirited British explorer, Samuel Baker did not have much time to enjoy the view during his explorations in the 1860’s when he discovered it. A shy hippopotamus charged his boat, flipping him and his wife Florence into the water precariously close to the crocodiles. Fortunately, the hippos are now accustomed to visitors! The Lodge can supply drinks and packed lunches upon request.

A Drive to Top of Murchison Falls:

This is also a must-do activity. Every drop of water in the River Nile plunges and explodes through a narrow ravine, creating the most powerful single concentration of water in the world. Invigorating spray christens its jagged mouth, crowned by an almost permanent rainbow that has become a trademark of this extraordinary natural wonder. For the more adventurous, there is a steep pathway leading down to the froth and roar below.

Wildlife Drives:

Wildlife drives take place on the northern banks of the Nile in the heart of Murchison Falls National Park. With the return of stability and security of the area, wildlife is increasing with leaps and bounds! Wildlife viewing will include sightings of giraffe, buffalo, elephant, warthogs, leopard, lion and antelope. Stunning views take in the winding path of the Nile, which is laced with the adventures of history’s most ardent explorers. The experienced Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger/guides are a necessary asset to ensure the best viewing and maximize the experience. The Lodge can supply drinks and packed lunches upon request.

Walking Trails:

Uganda boasts 11% of the world’s known bird species, making it an ornithologists’ haven for identifying one of the largest concentrations of bird-life, and Murchison Falls National Park is no exception. Enjoy the experience of exploring the banks of the Nile with our certified resident bird expert, who to date can identify over 200 bird species by sight and sound, and he is looking to identify the rest!

Sport Fishing:

Kick back and relax on the River Nile and do a little fishing in one of the world’s best places to do sport fishing. The keen fisherman can try to catch one of the record-breaking Nile Perch that this area has to offer. Nile Perch are good fighters and considered a prime catch to make the experience absolutely unforgettable! Fishing permits, equipment and boat hire are organized through the Uganda Wildlife Authority can be arranged at the Lodge or in advance. Few realize just how big Nile Perch are, records weigh in at over 70 kilograms! It is the perfect location, with the thundering backdrop of Murchison Falls, and under the watchful eyes and supervision of the inhabitants of ‘Crocodile Alley’ to experience fishing on the Nile.

Village Walks:

No adventure to Murchison Falls National Park would be complete without learning about the region’s history, culture and its people. A visit to Mubaku village, one and a half kilometers away, will give you a unique insight into the way of life of the local area. Have a cup of tea with the ladies of Mubaku, experience a simulated traditional hunt with the men of Mubaku, or till and/or harvest the fields (depending on the season) in traditional subsistence agriculture. These activities are coordinated through The Earthworks Foundation and facilitate additional income-generating activities for the village so they benefit directly from you visiting Nile Safari Lodge.

African Bush Dining:

Nile Safari Lodge has several prime locations that have been chosen for their exclusivity and remoteness. The Lodge staff will arrange the perfect setting for dining and special menus prepared by our restaurant, including traditional Ugandan cuisine. These can be arranged with the Lodge Manager or in advance with your tour operator, when your booking is made.

Weddings and Honeymoons:

It may be your dream to get married in an exotic destination, and Nile Safari Lodge is renowned for its exoticness and a popular, exclusive location for the wedding of your dreams! Seeped in history, adventure, beauty and mystery Nile Safari Lodge boasts unique romanticism. Due to the professionalism and highest standard of services, makes Nile Safari Lodge one of the most exotic and capturing wedding locations in the world. The tranquility and exclusivity of Nile Safari Lodge also makes it the perfect honeymoon destination to celebrate your marriage
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+256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450
The Lodge currently has ten rooms, which include 5 wooden chalets and 5 luxury tents, all fitted with en-suite washrooms, comfortable and airy rooms perfectly designed to maximize the experience.
The balcony of each room allows you to enjoy a chilled sundowner or early morning tea and coffee served by your personal waiter
Recreational Facilities
Accompanying facilities include a restaurant, an ambient bar/lounge and a superb extended deck underneath the protection of a giant cluster fig tree which expands this magical wilderness.

No lodge facility would be complete without an open fire, strategically positioned for stargazing, birdwatching, and dancing. The crystal clear swimming pool offers the best reprieve from the hot equatorial sun after a day of activities in the national park and surrounding areas
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Full Board US$170 US$150
Half Board US$160 US$140
Bed & Breakfast US$150 US$130
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nile safari lodge murchison falls national park uganda

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