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Wildlife researchers and conservationists believe that the South Sudan Boma National Park migration is much more bigger than the currently famed Serengeti  Wildbeest migration. Estimates put the South Sudan Boma National Park animal migration close to 2 million white-eared Kob Antelope, Tiang Antelope, Mongalla Gazelle, Elephants, Buffalos plus many more other animal species as the animals that follow the South Sudan general migration path. Simply, the animals are follow the grass and water from wet season to dry season as the grass recedes and then comes back. The wet season is April to October and the dry season is November to March.

During the wet season April, May, June, July, August, September and October the game herds are migrating into Bandingalo National Park from the Boma National Park South Sudan.

Thus the best time to travel to Boma National Park to witness the great animal migration spectacle is November/December/January when it is dry season and the roads passable.

Habari Africa will assist you plan your safari holiday to South Sudan, ground handle same for you, and assist you through the sometime cumbersome process of acquiring South Sudan visas(required prior to arrival to South Sudan) and filming/camera permits.

Because of the impassable nature of the roads, we recommend flying into Boma from Juba. We land at Nyat and then drive onwards to Boma National Park. The road infrastructure is still in bad shape and as such driving into Boma can take anything from 3 days each way. Embark on a memorable safari to South Sudan, Africa's newest nation and experience the beautiful gems that this vast nation has to offer to ardent tourists.

Visit Nimule National Park for walking safaris, Sport fishing vacations, Nature walks, Mountain Climbing tours, bird watching safaris and boat cruises along the mighty Nile.

Vacation in Badingalo National Park for game drive safaris, migration holidays, Nature walks,cultural village visits, and why not safari in Boma National park for the ultimate great migration spectacle safari of all time.


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